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1 .- How old do I have to rent a car with your company?
The minimum age is 21 years old.


2 .- Can I give the credit card and another is the driver?
Sure, one of you can provide your credit card and your spouse or friend may be the drivers.

3 .- Are there extra charges for drivers under 25?
No, there are not extra charges for drivers under age 25.

4 .- I have international driver's license. Can I use the license issued in my country?
We accept any driver's license from any country.

5 .- How many additional drivers permitted?
You can bring 2 additional drivers per vehicle.

6 .- What is the charge for additional drivers?
There are extra charges for additional drivers.

7 .- Do I need to show my passport when collecting the vehicle?
It is not necessary, only a valid driver's license and credit card.



1 .- Where and when I pay my reservation?
When you arrive at our office were held for those charges.

2 .- What are the payment methods you accept?
We accept debit and credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Travelers checks and cash.
3 .- Is there any additional charges, after listing to my reservation, I should know about?
There are optional insurance, which will be explained and offered, but are entirely optional. If you do not need any of these options will only have to pay the full amount of your contribution.

4 .- What is the required deposit guarantee?
The deposit guarantee is a hold, not a charge on your credit card. The deposit amount varies by category of vehicle selected.

5 .- Do I have to provide the numbers of my credit card to make a reservation?
Not required. Just register your booking through our website. We did not ask for advance payments. It will ask you to provide your credit card once it is in our office picking up his vehicle.


1 .- Are there restrictions on driving and mileage?
The mileage is free and can drive across the Mexican territory without restriction.
2 .- Can I drive your vehicle in Belize, Honduras or Guatemala?
Yes, us we provide all documentation necessary to visit Belize, Honduras and Guatemala at no extra charge. However if you have plans to visit Guatemala to do THROUGH Belize.

3 .- "The cars use gasoline or diesel? If gasoline. What kind of gas? How much is gasoline in Mexico?
All our vehicles use unleaded gasoline. The price of gasoline is the same throughout the country. You can always put the cheapest gas, which is the green, called "Magna". The price of gasoline is in weights and measures are in liters, but the equivalent is around 2.50 USD per gallon.

4 .- Can I pay at the pump using my credit card?
Normally not possible. Some gas stations accept credit cards but most of them do not, it is always advisable to bring cash to pay for gasoline.

5 .- Can I pay for gas using dollars or euros?
The dollars are accepted almost all establishments not only at the pump. Euros may be accepted but the most common foreign currency is the dollar.


1 .- I arrive by air. How to find them at the airport? How to get to their offices?
Our company has no offices or telephones in the airport. After collecting your luggage, just walk to the main exit, my agent was identified with a sign with the company logo and name large and clear for easy identification. Once you contact him, the move to our office, which is located just minutes from the airport to complete the documentation and pick up your vehicle.

2 .- Is there any airport tax or fee that I pay on arrival?
No, I have to pay taxes or fees upon arrival. Airport taxes and fees are already included in your quote.

3 .- Do not get air Do other office locations?
NO, only the main office and the pickups or transfers are without any cost to you.

4 .- I would pick my car at the airport and return from Cancun in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Akumal. Is there a charge for doing this?
Only the income of a day if you pick up in Cancun and Playa del Carmen returns or vice versa there is a $ 20 fee and if Akumal in Tulum or the fee is $ 30.

5 .- Can I pick up or return the car to my hotel?
No, we would pick it up at your hotel and take him to our nearest office to do the paperwork and deliver the vehicle. For the return would be the same, you return the vehicle at our offices would close the contract or move to where you need it.

6 .- I would like to return the vehicle in another city. What is the cost for this?
Depends on the distance between Cancun and the city. First we set the time and point of return. So we can give a quote for the service.


1 .- What are the minimum insurance requirements?
At a minimum you must have insurance (CDW), this insurance will be added to their listing on our website. Whatever you can select additional optional insurance..

2 .- What does CDW and covers?
Also known as (LDW) in other companies, means Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), which is insurance that covers damages done to the rented vehicle and also covers theft. There is a deductible is applied in case of accident or theft, the following amounts and according to the category of vehicle leasing.
Insurance (CDW) has no additional cost, since this insurance is already included in your quote.
* Mini Economy, Economy and Compact: 1,500.00 USD
* Mid Size, Economy SUV: 1,700.00 USD
* Full Size, Jeep Wrangler, SUV's: 2,000.00 USD
* Minivans and Full Size Vans: 3,500.00 USD
3 .- What does EPC and covers?
Full Coverage Extension (EPC). This insurance covers liability for any damage or theft of the vehicle with zero deductible.

(EPC) is optional and you can select in the insurance area of the reservation system.

4 .- What is the difference between CDW and EPC?
(CDW) is deductible and the (EPC) is an extension of (CDW) which becomes zero deductible.

5 .- What does PLI and covers?
Liability Insurance (PLI) cover damage or injury, you may cause to others or their property.
Covers up to $ 80,000 in damages to third parties and legal assistance.
(PLI) is optional and you can select in the insurance area of the reservation system.

6 .- Can Ques mean PAI and covers?
Occupants Medical Insurance (PAI), which covers injuries to passengers of a rented vehicle, covering up to 30,000 USD per incident. Includes: ambulance, hospital and fmedicos costs.
(PAI) is optional and you can select in the insurance area of the reservation system.

7 .- I get insurance coverage. What insurance should I choose?
You must select all insurance in the insurance area of our reservation form. In this way shall be protected with full coverage. Third party damages, legal assistance, medical expenses for passengers and collision damage including strategic, zero-deductible.
NOTE: Our insurance is covered only in Mexico.

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